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Kelowna’s international award-winning home-brewery since 2002

great taste and value!

U-Brew wine and beer offer amazing value with ZERO sacrifice in its award-winning taste

no preservatives

Preservatives can cause issues like hangovers, headaches, stomach irritation, and more


satisfaction guaranteed!

Be confident in your purchase knowing it comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee


The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable! They are great at helping you select the wine you are looking for. I started purchasing kits here when on more than one occasion, their wines were the hit of our BBQ gathering, which included some particular wine drinkers. We were very pleasantly surprised to see they were from a kit.

~Blue S - Google Review


Weddings. Reunions. Celebrations. Casual Enjoyment.


Less taxes. Less Chemicals. More flavor.

quality and value

Great-tasting home-brew wine costs on average $5.50 per bottle compared to $30

healthier wine

Pure and simple ingredients without additives or preservatives

Exceptional wine

Your wine is guaranteed to meet your expectations with a 90 day guarantee

Dear friend,

I want to thank you for considering Rosie’s Grap Stop to assist you in your wine and beer home-brew experience.

I know it’s a tough decision on which wine shop you put your trust into, especially if this is your first experience. Let’s face it, you just want want to make sure you get the best value!

I want to ensure you that I do not take that trust lightly.

I personally guarantee that your experience and end product from Rosie’s Grap Stop will exceed your expectations.

We stand behind our product and offer a 90-day guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with your wine, beer, or spirits, you can exchange it for a different brand or flavour. Where else are you going to get a guarantee like that?

If you have any questions before committing your trust to us, I invite you to call us as we will be happy to assist you.


Dave and Rosie Yunker
Owners – 30+ years brewing experience

Rosie’s Grape Stop


Professional Home-Brew wine and beer

Rosie’s Grape Stop is a locally owned and family-operated company that has specialized in preparing a wide selection of brew-able wines and beers for Since 2002 for customers in Kelowna and surrounding areas of British Columbia.

We are third-generation winemakers who pay close attention to each batch during the brewing process, freeing you from the hassles normally associated with home brewing and ensuring that your chosen beverage reaches its best possible potential every time!

We are a fully licensed shop where customers can brew complete batches of their favourite adult beverages. Your top-quality finished product will taste just as good as the liquor store’s top-shelf counterpart, but at a lower cost and with fewer preservatives. With our years of experience and wine knowledge, attention to detail and the use of glass carboys, we produce superior beverages.

your home brew wine, beer, and spirits

made easy

1 - Free consultation

CALL US at 250-765-7447 or CLICK HERE to request a call back


2 - we discuss your options

We help you discover the best wine, beer, or spirits for your unique needs.

3 - brew and bottle

We work with you on the best way to brew and bottle your wine, beer, and spirits.

4 - enjoy the fruit of your labour

Love the great taste with the satisfaction that comes with creating your own drinks.

what’s holding you back?

What is a U Brew wine kit?

U Brew wine kit is a package that contains all the necessary ingredients and instructions to make wine at home.

How long does it take to make wine with a U Brew wine kit?

The time required to make wine with a U Brew wine kit can vary depending on the specific kit and wine type, but it typically takes about 4-8 weeks.

Can I customize the flavour of the wine with a U Brew wine kit?

Yes, you can customize the flavour of the wine by adjusting the sugar level or adding additional ingredients, such as fruit or oak chips.

What types of wine can I make with a U Brew wine kit?

U Brew wine kits offer a wide range of wine types, including red, white, rosé, and fruit wines.

How much wine can I make with a U Brew wine kit?

The amount of wine you can make with a U Brew wine kit varies depending on the specific kit, but it typically makes between 12.5-23 liters of wine.

How much does it cost to make wine with a U Brew wine kit?

The cost of making wine with a U Brew wine kit varies depending on the specific kit, but it typically ranges from $125-$230 for 30 bottles ($4-7 per bottle) with in store brewing servic.

How long can I store wine made with a U Brew wine kit?

Wine made with a U Brew wine kit can typically be stored for two years if stored properly.

Are U Brew wine kits suitable for beginners?

Yes, U Brew wine kits are suitable for beginners as they come with detailed instructions and all the necessary ingredients and equipment to make wine at home.


4-Week Wine-Making Kits

Our selection of 4-week wine kits allows you to brew outstanding wines of distinctive character, flavour and bouquet in as little as 28 days.

Visit our store in Kelowna to choose from:

Island Mist

Original Series

Apres Series

On The House

4-8 Week Wine-Making Kits

Rosie’s Grape Stop partners with the most respected suppliers in the industry to bring the tradition and heritage of premium wines into your home at an affordable price, using vintage-class grape juices and concentrates from renowned wine making countries from around the globe. Visit our shop to learn more or to see our complete selection.

Estate Series

Signature Series

Beer Kits

Rosie’s Grape Stop offers home brewing kits that allow you to sample the tastes of beers from countries throughout the world, including the crisp, clean cervezas of Mexico, pale ales from England and India, and full-bodied pilsners and lagers from the continent.

Brewed from fresh grain and hops, The U-Do Brewery’s Hand Crafted Canadian Beer Kit is a pure, all-grain wort made the same way as commercial micro-brewed beers. Gentle handling preserves delicate aromas and flavours. Many styles to choose from

U-Do Brewery

Special Offers

$25 OFF

If you bring a new customer to us who purchases wine to be brewed on the premises, you will receive $25 off of any single wine for brewing on premises that is purchased the same day.

Expires on: 08/07/2024